Ability to reopen topics

This is a reminder that Auth0 moderators close topics that haven’t seen any activity in a while. When I last brought it up (Stop closing issues just days after your long-overdue response!), @konrad.sopala explained that topics can be re-opened by any user at any time.

I still don’t see that as the case and wanted to ask if you’ve made any progress on that front or had the time to look into it at all? It is still a huge pain point for your users, because

  1. Auth0 doesn’t offer personal support unless you’re on a very high tier plan
  2. It is then implicitly suggested to take your issues to the community (this forum)
  3. If you happen to find a topic with your current issue, it’s almost always already closed, either due to inactivity or because it had a successful resolution
  4. There is no way to ping the author of the topic (or further evolve the discussion under the same thread), to ask how they managed to resolve it or if they’ve got a resolution by now
  5. This leads to a very fragmented community, often with 5-6 closed topics on the same thread. There’s a lot of repetition in each topic and it’s hard to consume the information in this manner.

Hope you give us the ability to re-open topics soon, so the community as a whole could improve :raised_hands:


Hey there Andreas!

Really really appreciate all the feedback. I did some research and it seems that on the Discourse side of things, that’s the platform we host our community forum on, it’s no longer possible to let normal users reopen topics so the only way we can handle that is to shoot a DM to one of the people with Auth0 badge near the avatar and we will reopen the ones that you are interested in.

We don’t close topics because we want to. We close topics once it’s not possible to solve them / they are solved / or the members of the topics are not longer engaging with us. This way it’s possible for us to track stats and see whether we progress or not.

Guys simply shoot us with private messages and we’ll re-open the topics you are interested in and help you with those! We’re here for you!

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