Community AMA Series: Interactive Q&As

We’re launching a new Community AMA Series: Interactive Q&As

The Auth0 Community is excited to announce a new addition to the Auth0 Community Forum: an Interactive Q&A Series. It is designed for customers, community members and partners to connect with Auth0 subject matter experts on a range of topics that will help you on your journey with our company products. And with that, we’re kicking off our first session on Wednesday, July 26, 2023 with the Auth0 Community Team!

Are you getting the most out of the Auth0 Community Forum and all the self-service resources available at your fingertips? Now is your chance to get your questions in front of the Auth0 b Community Team. Whether you’re looking for a space to connect with like-minded peers, have questions about how to enhance your expertise with Auth0’s technology, or want to learn how to share product feature requests, we want to hear from you!

How will the whole series and the first session work?

Ask questions from Monday, July 6 to Tuesday, July 25, 2023 here as a reply on this thread. Then, come back on Wednesday, July 26. We will have two separate sessions to accommodate US and European business hours. The first one will be from 11 a.m. CET to 1 p.m. CET and the second one from 9 a.m. PST to 11 a.m. PST. Join the event as our experts from the Auth0 Community team will answer your questions. You will also have a chance to ask your questions on the day of the event and we’ll do our best to answer them as they come.

We expect to run those sessions on a monthly basis with the same format. Two weeks prior to the session you will be able to start submitting questions. One the day of the session we will have subject matter experts come to our community and answer your questions for ~2 hours. A few days after the sessions we’ll share with you lessons learnt and short summary of the session.

What will the first session be about and what can I expect in the following months?

We want to treat the first session as an opportunity for us to get to know the Community Forum platform better, so you can become as effective as possible in the following areas:

  • Learn how to find answers to known and common challenges in Auth0 Community Forum
  • Find knowledge and best practice support resources
  • Influence Auth0’s product roadmap by submitting feature requests
  • Get help from our blog articles’ authors
  • Interact with like-minded peers in our forum

BUT also give you a chance to share your ideas on who you would like to meet with in the future in terms of our Auth0 product subject matter experts (our engineers, product managers, etc.) so we can eventually invite them later in the year to answer your questions more targeted at specific parts of our stack both from the engineering as well as product perspective.

Important Links

Here’s the single place where you will be able to find topics and submit your questions for the upcoming interactive Q&A sessions:

Here’s the place where you can submit your questions for the first session in July:

Our Auth0 Community Team is here to help you, so let’s meet us:

We’re excited for you to join the discussion, ask your questions, and meet the Community Team!

Stay connected with us! Follow the Auth0 Community Twitter account!


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