Organizations and Passwordless Authentication with Email

How can use use “Passwordless Authentication with Email” in an organization?

More details below.
We are using organizations/invitations in our web app.
We deploy separate web apps (aka “platform”) for distinct customers and for that purpose, for each platform, we have (on auth0 side):

  • an application
  • a database connection
  • an organization

Everything works fine (stuffs are terraformed and everything deploys easily).

My problem is:
For one specific “public demo” platform, I want to enable “passwordless authentication with email”, but the dashboard says that this is not supported (go to Organizations → Connections → Enable Connection => “not supported”)

How can we proceed?

Side notes: we are using authentication code flow, in a Svelte/SvelteKit app, we deal with the token and refresh token and all the auth0 things in our authentication code which is tightly coupled with the Organization notion.

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Hi @frederic.triquet

Welcome to Auth0 Community !!!

Passwordless with email in Organization is not supported at the moment. It is in our Q3 Roadmap for 2022.

Thank you

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Hi @jeff0 ,
Thank you for the answer.

In the meantime, could you tell me what I have to do?
I guess I will have to modify my code and allow it to deal without Organizations but I would like to be sure before I dive into that.

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Not sure if this would work for you, but we’ve set up a pre-registration action that checks the email domain and errors out if the domain name doesn’t match the ones we support.

It’s incredible that you do not have this rolled out to your organizations. This is a huge pain point for us.