Auth0 React with New Universal Login + Passwordless + Organizations


I have been using Organizations for a while and now I have a requirement where I need to include a passwordless flow. Following the docs docs, I was able to enable the passwordless with the New Universal Login experience.

The problem is when I enable the organizations. With orgs enabled, when I do a redirect to the login, auth0 react client returns an error saying http://localhost:9001/?error=invalid_request&error_description=the%20connection%20parameter%20is%20not%20supported%20with%20the%20organization%20prompt&state=dGtBYWxVZ0xNMk5EQnB5NHVZUEdJQUhmR0preHJMN1lMOGJSUnI3ZlRDTg%3D%3D.

The doc uses the auth0-spa-js, so I tried using that too but the same problem, the login page didn’t even open. I just want to know if the flow is possible and I’m missing something. Or, it won’t be possible to enable passwordless with orgs and the new login experience. Possible similar to the question this thread

Hi @matheus.ferreira,

Thanks for reaching out to the Auth0 Community!

I understand you would like to use the New Universal Login with Passwordless and Organizations.

This is possible, and you will need to configure your Organization settings to enable the preferred Passwordless connection.

For example, with Passwordless Email, please do the following:

  1. Navigate to your Auth0 Dashboard > Organizations > Your Organization settings
  2. Click on the Connections tab
  3. Click on Enable Connections button
  4. Select email connection
  5. Press Enable Connection

After this is complete, you can use the New Universal Login with Passwordless and Organizations. For example:


I hope the explanation helps!

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


Thanks for the answer.

I had the connection enabled and I was receiving the same error, but I think the problem is the organization prompt.

I tried passing the organization and the connection param and worked, but only with the connection param - which forces the organization prompt - it didn’t work.

So, I assume this flow it will only work if I point the application to the right organization?

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Hi @matheus.ferreira,

Thank you for your response and clarification.

That is correct. Passing the organization and connection parameters in the login request is the recommended way to use the Passwordless flow in the context of organizations. On the contrary, passing only the connection parameter will result in the "the connection parameter is not supported with the organization prompt" error message.

Yes, that is correct!

I hope this helps!


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