API for starting passwordless login with new universal login


Our Auth0 tenant is configured for organizations using the new universal login, and I configured the email connector and enabled these connectors in a couple of organizations. I also switched to an Identity First Flow, as documented in the Passwordless Connections in New Universal Login documentation.

When I use the /passwordless/start API via the C# SDK with StartPasswordlessEmailFlowAsync(), the recipient gets a link targeting the classic login, which shows the error "Organizations are not supported in Classic Universal Login.

Is there a different API or set of parameters I should be using to get a new universal login link sent?

I don’t see any setting on Authentication API Explorer for targeting which login experience to use.


Some further observations:

If I remove “organization” from the auth params, the magic link generated seems to go straight to the start of the new universal login experience, where I have to enter organization ID, then email address, then password as if I were navigating straight to the site.

The above is the case for both a user only created with an email connection and a user with a user-password-database connection with linked email connection identity profile.