It’s now past Q3 and no passwordless multi-orgs

We really need passwordless orgs (both phone and email) feature soon or we will need to find alternative services. This feature for organizations to be able to control passwordless and social connection as an option is essential to us. I have seen blog posts stating the topic and the best answer I have seen is “scheduled on roadmap for Q3.” I have relayed this to our business team, but without any additional info, beta programs, or upcoming feature updates im nervous of how this will make our technical team look entrusting auth0 to handle our use-case. We’ve reached out to auth0 support but only recieved non-technical sales reps. What is the status and when is this anticipated to be released for our use?

Hi @bazyl,

I reached out to our team on the matter and will be sharing an update here: Organizations and Passwordless Authentication with Email - #6 by AnilGanivada

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