Passwordless Email Login for Organizations

Feature: Allow Passwordless Email Login for Organizations

Description: There is already a thread in #general Organizations and Passwordless Authentication with Email asking for this feature. This post gives users a place to vote for this feature.

Use-case: We are building a SaaS B2B application intended to be used on mobile devices. The user logs in on an irregular basis, only couple of times a year. It’s cumbersome for the user to type the password on a mobile device, if the user didn’t forget the password because of the irregular use.

Hi @yoo,

Thanks for reaching out to the Auth0 Community and for writing this feedback request.

I would like to reiterate on @john.gateley post that Passwordless with email in Organization is in our Q3 Roadmap for 2022.

With that, we can expect this feature to roll out sometime later this year.

Hoped this helps!

Thank you.