Not receiving password reset email on my corporate inbox


We are evaluating Auth0 at the moment.

I am trying to reset my password (my corporate account, I can send it using a DM). However, I am not receiving the password reset email.

I’ve checked with our network team and no email from Auth0 is blocked in our end.

Could you please help me to get my password reset email.


Hello @ara.mailbox,

I’d start with your Auth0 logs. Search for the associated log types, in particular the fcpr and scpr log types. For example, search for fcpr “failed change password reset” requests by searching logs with the following query:


fcpr and scpr will tell you whether Auth0 was able to send the password reset emails.

What email provider are you using?

thanks @markd

Just to clarify this is my account (the tenant owner) not one of my tenant users.
so basically I am not able to reset my auth0 account itself

I know this is probably a silly ask, but just to confirm, you did check your spam? If so, the best thing to do for this is to open a support ticket or, if that is not an option, @konrad.sopala may be able to help.

Hi @markd, I did check spam folder again.
Opening a ticket requires login to tenant. I am not able to login to the tenant. @konrad.sopala would you be able to help?

Finally I remembered my password. But that is interesting that I was not receiving any password reset email. Perhaps we can close this one.

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Thanks for letting us know! Let me know if you need to reopen this!