Not able to signup with specific organization

I want use to redirect to the Organization specific signup page, but Getting this error - Signup is not allowed with organizations While trying sign up with organizations

<button onClick={
() => loginWithRedirect(
screen_hint: “signup”,
organization: “some_org_id”
)}>Sign up

I have tried below approach as well

Hi @Anup

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As for today Organization level signups are not allowed, but they are on the team target for the future releases. They release data is yet to be set but product team is working on this.


@dawid.matuszczyk, Can you please provide approach on how to signup user for a specific org. Our requirement is to get the email Id of user and based on domain in email Id navigate user to org specific sign-up page. Please suggest how can we sign-up user for specific org.

In our case we are using separate connection for each org, if user will do signup without org how to ensure org specific db connection will be used to store the details.

@Anup , you could use an action after user sign up to add them to an organization using the mgmt API.