Signup for Organisations


Since again I ran into the problem that there isn’t a signup for organsiations specifically, I will once again point out my thoughts to this. Additionally, it does seem that I am not the only one having this issue (see here and here).

I suggest something like a

loginWithRedirect({ organization: orgId, screen_hint: 'signup' })

Description & Usecase

So far the only way of letting a user signup with a specific organisation is via a organisation invitation link, which can either be sent via email or generated on the client and then redirect the user. The problem (in my opinion) here is that anything other than a database connection does not make sense since the user’s email must be entered beforehand! Even, if we allow multiple other connection types for an organisation, this would only work if the user somehow knows which connection he wants to use to enter the right email address BEFORE he can actually signup. This does not make sense in my opinion. Either we only allow a single connection for organisations or we allow to have an obligatory email field for organisation invites.

I’m not sure if I got this all wrong but so far I could not figure out a reasonable solution.


Hey there!

Thanks for creating this feedback card! Let’ see who else will be interested in such addition!