None of my users can log in as of this morning! [SOLVED]

We haven’t made any changes to our code since last night when everything was working fine.

All of a sudden none of the users can log in.

It just says ‘WRONG EMAIL OR PASSWORD.’ for everyone who tries to log in,.

In the Chrome console it just says POST https://MY-AUTH-URL/usernamepassword/login 401 (Unauthorized)

I’ve tried manually changing the password of my account through the Auth0 Users section, this did not work.

The Sign Up button has disappeared, we’ve looked at the code inside the Universal Login section, and allowSignUp is set to true, so I don’t know why this button is still missing - therefore I can’t test whether new accounts will be able to sign in.

Any help would be appreciated, we were supposed to show this off to an important client today.

I don’t know if this will help, but the account I use on my web app - that I’ve been logging in with every day - it says in the Auth0 Users section that my last log in was 5 days ago. My last log in was last night.

Hello James,

We’re having the same problem since a few hours.

Were you using (currently or in the past) a custom database integration?

Hey there Guys!

Yep we were experiencing an outage but everything got back to normal. Here’s the status:

Can you try in a few hours again maybe not all services were brought up to work yet. Let me know if the issue still occurs!

Relieved to hear I’m not the only one.

I don’t think we are using a custom database integration, although it depends what you mean exactly.

The user’s passwords and all that stuff is handled by Auth0, when a user signs up we also keep a record in our database of their email address - so they can build up a profile. This profile is different from the one you get with Auth0 .

I did see this post, unfortunately it’s still not working for us - I noticed it was broken at 9AM this morning.

I’ll reach out to appropriate engineering team to find out what might be the reason behind it!

Thank you very much!

It seems to be working now - thank you for the help!!

Perfect! Glad to hear that!

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