Cannot reset my auth0 password, email doesn't arrive

I’m asking for a friend, because obviously I can login as I’m logged in now!

They’re trying to log into their auth0 account, and have tried the “reset password” process 3 times over 3 days. Each time it says “We’ve just sent you an email to reset your password.” but the emails never arrive. Yet I can receive emails on the same domain and so on.

How can they resolve the issue? Can they email support somehow and ask them to investigate?

Hey there @chmac!

I know it’s super obvious but have they checked other folders than the main one in their mail client? I can try investigating that if only you can provide me with their emails. Make sure to share them with me via private message here in the forum.

Sorry, I replied yesterday to say that we figured it out, it was the wrong email, the email had changed. But the message said “sent” so we assumed it was correct. I posted a reply but then was trying to delete this thread as the issue is resolved.

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Perfect! Glad to hear that!