Can't login or sign anymore on the free tier

i have been able to login and logout before but lately i am unable to and i really need help. I don’t know what went wrong.

Hey there1

Can you share more context? As of now we don’t have enough details to help you.

Hello, for me it seems excat similar. I have created two different Username-Password-Authentication (Database) users and both have same issue. Login page tells that “Wrong email or password.” I have double checked the email addresses and double checked the passwords without success to login.

An other one is also verified email address, which have not been issue in previous times. So should not matter now either.

I created HAR, can I send it to you @konrad.sopala for further investigations? Hope someone could help soonest. Thank you.


Hmm, it seems that I got it working. I was trying to login to Auth0 user settings, but maybe that is not possible other than admins. I thought it would be possible to everyone to change password for example. This was user error, no actions is required anymore.


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i am having a major issue too, i have tried everything but im not receving push notifications any more, can some one PLEASE tell what i must do to sort this out…???

Can someone contact me pls via email or on here.

When i try to log in to my website it, before sent me a notification but now it does not. can anyone help me???

Perfect, glad to hear that it solved itself!

You’re having a different issue. Please just continue our conversation in private message and I’ll help you with your hurdle!

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