Suddenly getting error: "Something went wrong. Please contact technical support."

My login stopped working all of the sudden without me changing anything. When you navigate to my app I get the error message “Something went wrong. Please contact technical support.” and don’t even have the option to put in my credentials.


I haven’t changed anything in a long time. Is auth0 having some downtime right now?

Hi there @clopez52693, we had an intermittent issue with CDN for a small subset of free customers in EU region using older Lock versions, and it has been resolved. Can you please confirm if you are still battling the same issue?

Yes i am still experiencing this issue

You’re not alone, still experiencing this issue here.

Thanks EU has been fixed, now working on applying same fix state side.

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Fixed should have been applied now to the US instances. Can you please confirm when you get a chance? Thanks in advance!

Yes its back thank you!

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We’ve received positive feedback on the issue being resolved across the board. Marking the challenge solved but if you run into any further issues related to this please let us know!

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Hi @James.Morrison, I am still having this issue.

Please let me know how can I solve it.

Thanks in advance.

The issus is happening again right now. Same problem as last week. Thanks !

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Hey folks! @Kal, could you share a link where this is happening? I’m investigating these reports and looking for ways to reproduce. Thank you!


Hey ! First, it’s back up on our side. Everything seems fine now. I can’t share you our app link since it’s internal only. It’s not exposed to the internet.

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Looking into it. Could you please confirm that it’s still broken from where you are? It appears to load fine from here at the moment.

@art.rosnovsky it’s back now! Thanks!

Could you please keep an eye on this and send me a PM right away if it ever goes down in the same manner again? Thank you!

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