"Something went wrong" when accessing from other country

Hi there

I am from Belgium. I have a platform that uses auth0 to login and so far everyone from Belgium has been able to log in successfully.

But recently someone tried to log in from Japan, only to get the “Something went wrong” screen. It says it could be a misconfiguration in the system or a service outage, so it seems to be a pretty generic error message.
He gets the message before he even gets the chance to log in.

Does anyone have any idea what could be going wrong. Is the tenant maybe blocking anyone not from europe or something? I honestly don’t know where to look, so any help is welcome!

Hi @lukas.kindt

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Thank you for posting your question. May I ask if this was a one-time thing that the user couldn’t log in, or is it a repeating process?


Hi, thanks for your answer!

It seems to be a repeating process. He has asked someone else who was there to try it, and that person was also unable to access the log in screen.

Can you DM me a tenant name on which this issue occurred?

The Auth0 logs show the warrning message during the login of the user

A user has attempted to access a login page directly. This is not supported unless an “Application Login URI” is set for your application, or a “Tenant Login URI” is set for your tenant. For more information, see: Configure Default Login Routes

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