Hosted login page only shows: Something went wrong. Please contact technical support


we are using the hosted login page.

today sporiadically it keept showing “Something went wrong.
Please contact technical support.” instead of prompting for credentials.

meanwhile it only does that, on every call of the login page!!!

our app is litteally down by that fact!!!

we can’t see any incident @auth0 for that yet!?

can anyone help!?


I am having the same problem, my app is down, any update?

I’m having the same problem on multiple accounts for hosted login pages that use custom lock logins.

Seems to be 404 with the lock Javascript.

Is this a known issue?

I am not understanding how their status page can be all green upon this… They must be realizing the errors, don’t they!?

Are you all on the free plan as well or can anyone open an actual support ticket?

Im on free plan so I cannot, I have tweeted them

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It’s definitely a problem with the CDN:

calling the url gives back the proper dictionary file

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Someone give it a reboot

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Can you share your tweet here, so we can count in on it?

Does that make any workaround propable? :thinking:


Unfortunately not. Seems to be a request to the CDN by Lock itself, so there’s no way to change it.

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Look at the “//” behind … Ist that correct!?

No, it’s not. But only removing one of them is not enough. After that there’s still a 404 error. I only get the correct file when also removing “eu.” from the url

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“get the correct file” means, that you are able to login then?

No, just a file download request to the server

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Can anyone explain how this can have occured sporadically throughout the day already, but only turning into a permanent issue lately? :thinking:

yes the same for me, sporadic all day then total loss.

I don’t think I am willing to move to a paied plan, in order to be able to let them know, that their service does not work!?! :angry:

Same problem here, my customers can’t login!

+1 here, exact same issue, actually it started failing intermittently today about 13:00