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After last thursday when I disabled “Legacy Lock API” from advanced tenant’s settings there has been problems with couple of our users. They can not login with browser they have used before and see message “We’re sorry, something went wrong when attempting to log in”. Some on them have been managed to log in with some other device or browser.

I disabled “Legacy Lock API” because I got an email about using deprecated endpoint. There were couple “Deprecation Notice” messages in log but I don’t have any glue why. We have been using customized hosted login page for a long time. Lock version used in hosted login page is 10.18. Can it cause this? Should it be upgraded to v11?

I have submitted ticket related to this 4 days ago without a respond. After I didn’t had response yesterday I enabled “Legacy Lock API” again. After that at least one user reported that login seems to work but after that he only gets a gray screen.

This is really hard to debug because we haven’t managed to have this error in our side. I asked one user to clean his browser’s cache but it didn’t fixed this. Hopefully some here in community can help or got response from Auth0 folks.

Btw. somewhy I couldn’t login here in community with my Auth0 account. Actually I could login with Google OAuth but after that it gave me “Create New Account” -screen and then it said that email and username are not available. Tried with couple of browsers without a luck so needed to create new account for this.