I don’t understand why my page is not working


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:wave: @mobicycle are you setting up Auth0 for the first time? You shouldn’t be calling /login directly. If you’re using Lock 11 for Web, first step is to install Lock (any of these installation sources will be fine so choose whichever you are more comfortable using). Then configure cross-origin authentication as described here. Next, we will begin initializing Lock as described here which describes creating a Lock object like:

var lock = new Auth0Lock(

Then we need to listen for an authentication event by implementing the on method for Lock:

lock.on("authenticated", function(authResult) {
  // implement here what you want to happen upon authentication 
    if (error) {
      // Handle error

Lastly, we can add a listener to the Log in button, example the button ID is btn-login:

document.getElementById('btn-login').addEventListener('click', function() {;

This will launch the Lock widget after the user clicks a login button.

if I use the modal code on this page, what else will I need to add?

do you know why this does not work?

<li><a onclick=";">Log in</a></li>

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