Non-Traditional Backgrounds at Auth0

Formal education is no longer the norm when it comes to tech. The Auth0 family comes from all walks of life!

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I would love to hear about your non-traditional paths into tech – please share them here!

i’m non degree, crash life ( i do it my self ) current i’m DevOps and try to be better also best in software engineer. this year my goal is Go language. My opportunity also get from other who give me a chance. too. :slight_smile:

Degree is important for consultant company ( at least my country ) their team who will pass for bidding / Auction members must have degree qualify.


Hello, @udomsak! Welcome to the Auth0 community :slight_smile: DevOps is a pretty interesting field. One of my goals this year is also to code more in Go.

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Hi @dan-auth0 , Nice to meet you too. great i have friend with same goals. :blush: . my twitter account is @udomsak, : ( ).

As of lately cause finding new job while ride GrabBike couple. Hope we can sharing in future. :blush: