News for Auth0 Community OSS GitHub Collaborators

News for Auth0 Community OSS GitHub Collaborators

:wave: Intro

As you may have seen some time ago, we communicated the fact that we are gradually working on improving your developer experience inside all repos in our Auth0 Community GitHub organisation.

If you go to a readme file of any repository in this org, in the first section you can see a note that those repos are supported and maintained by Community Developers, not Auth0. Despite the fact that we have limited bandwidth inside Auth0 Community Team and are not able to effectively review issues and PRs you submit, we want to improve your experience there one step at a time! That’s why you should keep reading!

:rocket: Auth0 Community Job Offers

If you feel like joining us on a mission to make other developers contributions here more comfortable, here are the links you should visit!

:hammer_and_wrench: Auth0 Community GitHub org - improvements

We’re aiming at your successful developer experience in the long term that’s why we introduced a few improvements in the meantime and are looking forward to make even more impact!

  • We created a getting-started repo so that you can answer any of your questions before contributing to our community OSS repos!
  • We added Code of Conduct so that everyone can collaborate in a peaceful and effective way!
  • Wondering how to contribute to our repositories?! Got you covered! We added a Contribution Guideline to easily get you started with your commits and PRs!
  • Additionally we added License files to every repo!

That’s not all! Keep on reading✨

  • We introduced issues and PRs labels so you can add them to your contributions and other community developers can easily track and choose which ones they would like to help with!
  • The last thing we want to let you know about are Auth0 Community Project Boards. Using them we aim at providing better searchability for people with certain language experience looking to solve stuff in their language of choice and not looking for specific PRs / issues!

:heart: Feedback

Let us know what you think! We really appreciate all your feedback! Why? Cause when gathering it we’re able to make improvements that do really have impact instead of being just some features out there. You can share your feedback regarding our Auth0 Community GitHub org here or email us at

We know there’s a long way ahead of us to make our GitHub environment friendly and sustainable but we strongly believe that getting aboard together will let us reach the final destination!


See you all in our GitHub org! If you have any questions feel free to ping me directly!