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September Community News


October is nearly over, so it’s time to look back at September!

New Open Source Category

Here at Auth0 we love open source, and so we started a new category where discussions around specific repos in our Auth0 Community Repo on GitHub can happen! If you’re looking for great places to get involved in open source and Auth0, you should check them out!


And speaking of open source, have you seen our involvement in Hacktoberfest? We’ve joined with DigitalOcean, Twilio, and GitHub to further the goal of open source. There’s still time to get involved and make meaningful contributions!

Survey has closed

Thanks to everyone who participated in our first Developer Community Survey! We had over 500 responses, with one member winning the $250 participation prize! We will be communicating the results of the survey soon, so stay tuned.

Interesting articles from Auth0 Blog

Our Technical Content team is constantly at work to present the best technical content you can find anywhere on the Internet. Here is just a few things to whet your appetite!

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Become a guest author of one of the most popular technical blogs in the world. Our technical articles cover a lot of different frameworks, programming languages, and modern development techniques. We’re seeking comprehensive technical articles that show people how to get things done with new technologies. If you’re interested, and feel like making a little moolah while you’re at it, visit our Guest Author page!

Upcoming Events

We have a few things coming soon where we’ll be around and you should come see us!

And that’s it for now! Thanks for being part of the community and we look forward to hearing from you!