No back to application button after changing password successfully

Problem statement

We don’t see the ‘Back to My App’ button after users changed their passwords successfully.


This button will be rendered only when a default login route is configured.


The ‘back to application’ button will only show when you have

  1. New universal login experience enabled
  2. Have not customized the password reset page HTML - customizing it directly (i.e. NOT using page templates or one of the New ULP customization APIs) causes the password reset page to revert to the classic universal login experience.
  3. Have configured a tenant and/or application default login route

If you meet those requirements, the button will show after a successful password reset and should know the relevant clientID/application based on the reset ticket the universal login widget generated automatically.

Unfortunately, if you are creating password reset tickets through the management API, it does not yet support supplying a client ID for the new universal login flow to use, so the button will show the fallback ‘All Applications’ name.