How to enable the 'Back To app' button on the Password Reset Success screen

Is it possible to display the ‘Back to Application’ button when a user has successfully changed their password via Universal Login?

If i enable Customize Password Reset Page to get access to the HTML how do I send connection and clientID to Auth0ChangePassword?

I assume it is something in the HTML but I do not know how to get the parameters for conenction or clientID but do not even know if I can:

new Auth0ChangePassword({
  container:         "change-password-widget-container",                // required
  email:             "{{email | escape}}",                              // DO NOT CHANGE THIS
  csrf_token:        "{{csrf_token}}",                                  // DO NOT CHANGE THIS
  ticket:            "{{ticket}}",                                      // DO NOT CHANGE THIS
  password_policy:   "{{password_policy}}",                             // DO NOT CHANGE THIS
  password_complexity_options:  {{password_complexity_options}},        // DO NOT CHANGE THIS
  theme: {
    icon: "{{tenant.picture_url | default: '//'}}",
    primaryColor: "{{tenant.colors.primary | default: '#ea5323'}}"
  dict: {


Hi @ryan.pays,

The ‘back to application’ button will only show when you have
a.) New universal login experience enabled
b.) Have not customised the password reset page - customising it causes the password reset page to revert to the classic universal login experience.
c.) Have configured a tenant and/or application default login route ( ,

If you meet those requirements, the button will show after a successful password reset, and should know the relevant clientID/application based on the reset ticket the universal login widget generated automatically.

Unfortunately if you are creating password reset tickets through the management API, it does not yet support supplying a client ID for the new universal login flow to use, so the button will show the fallback ‘All Applications’ name.