How to change the back button name in reset password link?

As the title says, I can’t find a way to change the “All Applications” part from that button!

Is there a way to do that?
I’m using the new experience login/reset form.

Hi @brunoocasali,
The ‘All Applications’ is a placeholder for when the widget doesn’t know the clientID the user is supposed to be using.
This should populate automatically if the user is triggering the password reset themselves from the Universal Login page, but if you are triggering it, for example with this endpoint:
Including the clientID parameter should mean the text is updated to match the relevant application name.
If you are still having issues / seeing different behaviour to that please let me know,
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Hi @sgo, thanks for your fast reply!

Actually I’m using a link generated from the tickets endpoint,!/Tickets/post_password_change as mentioned in but looking now at the documentation there is no client_id as like in the link you send me.

Is there a way to accomplish that using the tickets API link generation?

PS: I already configured the result_url in my application and tenant.

Hi @brunoocasali,

Unfortunately there is not a way currently to specify the client_id when using that method. You would need to trigger the password reset through the login page or the change password API I mentioned before to get the application name to render differently.

I can see there are plans to add the ability to specify the client_id to that endpoint in the future which would resolve this issue, however I’m afraid I can’t offer any ETAs or guarantees at this time.

Please feel free to raise this on our feedback portal, this helps our Product team prioritise features -

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I’ve provided the feedback as you suggested.

Just to exhaust all options:

There are any kind of customization I can apply to that widget in order to change that title? Like, providing clientID in the hashtag params or query params?

In this section, the author mentions a way to customize the widget, but does not provide an way to do that

You could send me some materials about how to customize using the queryParams thing?

Thanks a lot!

If you make customisations to the password reset page it will revert to the ‘Classic’ experience, please see here for some more information on customising the page:

The classic experience will attempt to use the redirect URL from the email template to redirect the user after changing their password, or for a manually created ticket using the Management API, it will use the provided “result_url”. There is no button displayed to the user by default and they will be redirected a few seconds after successfully completed the password change.

So the TLDR version is if you customise the password reset page, it will revert to the classic experience (if you are not already using it) and therefore no longer show the "Back to " button at all. Instead, it will automatically send the user to the “result_url” after a short delay.


Generating token using /dbconnections endpoint wasn’t an option to me today, so I prefer to change the style to classic one. Then the redirection solve the problem!

Thanks @sgo!

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Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

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