Password Changed Dialog button label

In our Apps UI, you can add a user by email address to the current org. When that happens I:

  • create the user in Auth0 via the management client
  • create a change ticket via the management client createPasswordChangeTicket
  • Send my own invite email (not using the Auth0 template), a button in that email has the url from the change ticket.
  • The user is prompted with a password reset, after they enter two passwords and click the Reset password button, a Password Changed dialog is presented.

In that dialog, there is a button labeled “Back to All Applications”.
I’d like to change the label of the button and not have “Back to All Applications”. How/where do I do that?

Hi @marshall.thompson,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

You can change the prompt text here: Customize New Universal Login Text Prompts

That prompt in particular uses a clientName variable, which is “All Applications” in the case when you don’t pass a client ID with the passwordChangeTicket request.

Hope that helps!

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