Redirect button after changing a password

My use case is a user has logged into a website using Auth0 (its a regular webapp using
I have created a change your password link and following the instructions on this post:
Allow the user to change their password from a profile screen - #13
I have created a password change ticket and redirect them to the link.
This allow them to enter a new pwd - great.
But then the next screen is
which has a button: Back to All Applications.
I’m using New Universal Login.

Can I change the text on this button?

Hi @markchambers99,

Yes, you can have it automatically set to the name of an application by passing a client ID with the password change ticket request. This feature is documented here if you’d like more info.


You can change it entirely by using the text customization API. Here is the specific doc for that prompt:

Let me know if you have any questions about it.

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