NextJS Tutorial

In this tutorial the writer was using next v8. With the new release of v9 they have added api-routes.

This guy already figured out that this approach wasn´t very usefull as a tutorial, but nobody answered him.

Could you please update the tutorial without a custom express server?

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Hi @Niksn,
Check out this post on the NextJS community:

I think the approach posted by albsa will work well. Of course, even better would probably be to use the new api-routes, so I second your call for a tutorial! :slight_smile:

Dear @aorsten

thank you very much for that link! I wrapped my head around it and I really dislike the available solutions. It adds plenty of overhead for simple authentification by adding an express server to handle routing.

I am going to implement my own solution without the need of a server using getInitialProps(). This approach should be way more maintainable.

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Hello there @Niksn and @aorsten!

I will share this feedback with the author, thanks for taking the time to relay it!

Just to add my vote to having an updated approach to the original tutorial! @Niksn totally agree with you. Would be grate to have a look to your solution when you have it!

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