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Next.js Practical Introduction: Navigation and Routing

Next.js Practical Introduction: Navigation and Routing.
Learn how to use Next.js to add navigation and routing to server-side rendered React applications.

Read on :confetti_ball:

Brought to you by @dan-auth0 :man_technologist:t2:

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Happy to hear your feedback or questions on this topic.

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I really loved this tutorial! It’s been the best and easiest to follow React/Next.js tutorial I’ve found. Thanks for making this @dan-auth0!

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Welcome to our community, @deliotclarke :slight_smile:

I appreciate your feedback! :raised_hands: I am glad that you liked it.

What else would you like to see? I am thinking on doing a TypeScript version :thinking:as well as adding chapters on authentication/authorization and deploying to Now or AWS :fire:

Usefull Tutorial… it would be helpfull if add course on Deploying in AWS

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Tagging article author @dan-auth0 to capture that feedback! Thank you @vigneshBlockDev!

This is an excellent idea! What do you think of using Docker + ECS to deploy a Next.js app?

Great tutorial! Very focused and well explained!! =)

I have one question, a beginner question, every time the route changes after clicking in any nav link, the nav container has to re-render, actually, the whole page has to re-render. Is this a normal cycle? Does each component have its own power to figure if it has to rerender or not?


Can’t wait for the authentication part!!!


We’ll keep you posted!

:smiley: Would you also be interested in a part where the app is deployed? I think for both the Authentication and Authorization, I may write standalone posts as they can be used as reference easier. What do you think?

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