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Next.js Authentication with Auth0 — The Ultimate Guide

Learn how (and where) to authenticate your user in the different deployment modes that exist for Next.js.

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We’ve had such amazing response to the blog post! If you’re using Auth0 to build Next.js applications with any of the deployment models documented in this post we would love to hear your feedback and comments!

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Great write-up. I’ve been tooling around with a lot of different methods, mostly the custom server, but would like to get it working serverless as described in this post. Now, while I love Auth0 and use it in pet projects, I have a requirement in a professional project to use a private OpenID Connect provider. After looking the source over a little bit, the @auth0/nextjs-auth0 library looks like it could theoretically be used for any OpenID Connect provider by providing the issuer URL, not requiring Auth0 specifically. Is that the case?

Thanks for this! I’m a bit new to auth0, does nextjs-auth0 only work with universal login? Are there examples for how to implement this using custom login/signup/password reset pages built on NextJS?