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Next.js Authentication Tutorial


Learn how to add authentication to your Next.js application with Passport

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Next.js and Passport, great combination, huh?


Great article, thank you!
I’m trying building an architecture with different services and all authenticate with Auth0. I Was wondering if I somehow can access the access token from the browser, so I can make requests to those API’s. (Not in the same project as the server.js File and not on the same host).

I was trying to use Implicit Flow at first but that didn’t work so well with NextJS. How can I have the user’s accessToken in the browser with this approach?

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Thanks for the great article!

However, I am not sure why you have to create src/state at first because it is not used at all.
I assume that you have re-written the article using React hooks or something?

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Hey there, @timojokinen.

You can easily fetch an access token for an API by configuring the audience property on the Passport Auth0 strategy. I built a sample to show that:

Note, however, that it is not a good idea to let the token leak to the browser. Use it on the backend only and fetch the API from there. That’s why I use delete user.accessToken.

I hope that helps.

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Oh, yeah, very true. These are remnants of a previous version. I will remove it. Thanks for the heads up :slightly_smiling_face: