Newly created sms connection does not show up on dashboard

I have created a new tenant and wanted to add an sms passwordless connection. I have used the API explorer to create it and I get it with get all connections as well.

Only difference seems to be enabled_clients with an existing tenant using sms passwordless connection.

However, at that point it is not clear to be what is the point I am missing here.
(I have no phone number to test this passwordless connection to test if it is already configured successfully.) Though I expect it to show up on the dashboard.
Note: Not using twilio but another provider, so I had to use the api instead of the web ui.

So the enabled clients array has contained the ids of the Applications in this tenant.
When I patched requested update connections with those corresponding Application ids in place the web ui started showing the sms connection enabled. Not transparent but at the end it worked.
My feedback:
UI could have just

  1. The custom sms provider option and credential fields, gateway_authentication and
  2. enabled_clients field with already created Applications as options to select from.