New Phone Authentication

I use this app for logging into an account with a different company. I got a new phone and now I can’t log in. My app on my new phone prompts me to scan the QR code, which I don’t have. The website I try to log in to sends it to my old phone. I tried talking to the IT department of the company that set this up, but they couldn’t help me. How can I set up my existing account with my new phone?

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Can you share with us the screenshoots of how it looks like for you? Thanks!

When logging in to the website that uses this authentication, it says that it sent a notification to my old phone, which I don’t have anymore. When I open the app on my new phone, it asks me to scan a new QR code.

My question is, how do I make my new phone work with my current account?

I’ll love to help you but in order to do that can you share the screenshot of either this website or the screen of that mobile app where you get that info? Thank you!

Here is what I see when I open the app on my new phone.

Ok perfect! Nowe we know where we stand :slight_smile: Just follow the procedure here to get it sorted :slight_smile:

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