Guardian app setup for new user


Is there a way for new signed up user to use guardian for MFA? Right now we create users from backend API and sent them password reset to set a new password. But when the try to login for the 1st time on mobile app they are prompted with MFA screen (that is common for website).

We have sms, GA and guardian tuned ON. SMS and GA works but with guardian there is no way to scan the QR code or get the code to enter manually. Is there a workaround this? I saw MFA setup. Show secret and QR code but i was closed.


Hi @npatel,

Did you look at this doc:

I am not sure if it is exactly your situation. Please let me know.

Hope this helps!


hmm, this works to start the process. but once i am on MFA prompt where it shows me option to select option, how do i say guardian with PUSH to my app instead of QR code scan. this way on mobile device I won’t have to scan the code , just open the guardian app and accept the new mfa request. its either open guardian app or something that dont need to scan the QR code.

I would like to clarify the flow,

  • You sign up a user via the management API/Dashboard
  • You create a PW reset ticket and the user sets up a new PW via email
  • They are prompted for Guardian MFA with a QR code

At this point, they are unable to scan the QR code, and you are attempting to manually setup MFA to avoid having to scan a QR?


yes sounds correct.
Normally people just open the password reset emails on their phone instead of desktop. Once the password is changed they are redirect to our site > which redirects to auth0 login screen > which is followed by MFA prompt.

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