MFA setup. Show secret and QR code


I want to use the Guardian MFA, but still allow users to use Google Authenticator.
This works out of the box, but the activation page only shows a QR code and not the secret to copy paste.

This presents quite a problem for out users who are signing up on a mobiledevice - its not possible to use your mobile to scan the QR code when the QR code is shown on the mobile :slight_smile:

Is it possible to get the Guardian Google Auth page to show both the QR code and the secret, so the user can copy/paste it to their Google Auth App?

(On a side note: Why does the Guardian Auth App only support adding new accounts with QR code? This means, that users signing up on mobile devices cant use the Guardian Auth App)


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The best way to to this is by enabling the new universal login you may use the new MFA screen which supports this use case.

If you prefer to use the Classic Universal Login experience, you can use it along with the New Universal MFA screen. To enable this, you will simply need to enable the New Universal Login and turn on the customization option for the Login screen.

Finally, this could also be achieved by fully using our Classic Universal Login experience starting from the 1.7.0 version of the MFA widget. Make sure that you are using this or a newer version, if you have customized the MFA login widget.

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Thanks for sharing that solution Saltuk!