New Passwordless Connections not working

I configured a new Passwordless Conection (with Email), and have the “Classic Experience” configured for Universal Login.
I configured an Application to use the new Passwordless Connection.
When trying to use it, the Login screen shows:
“Something went wrong.
Please contact technical support.”
This problem only seems to impact new Passwordless Connections.
I have an existing Passwordless Connection on a different tenant that I configured a few weeks ago, and it works fine.
Has anyone else seen this problem?

Hey there!

In order to help you troubleshoot that I will need some screenshots of your UL settings as well as the screenshot of the error + your tenant name. Can you send me those via private message here in the forum? Thanks!

Sorry about this, this was entirely my mistake. I had forgotten that to use Passwordless login you ned to configure a non-default login template as explained in Configure Universal Login with Passwordless.
With the correct login template the Passwordless login works perfectly.

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Gotchya! No worries, we’ve all been there! Glad you have figured it out!