Password prompt is displayed when specifying Email connection


I’m experiencing an issue setting up Passwordless connection.
On New Universal Login page, password prompt is displayed after entering an email even if we specify “connection=email” in authorizedParams.

Below is my current configuration.

  • New Universal Login UI is used.
  • We only have the passwordless connection(“email”) enabled in this tenant. No database connections, social connections, enterprise connections exist.
  • Authentication Profile is set to “Identifier First”.
  • “connection=email” is specified in authorizedParams.

Is there any additional thing I need to configure to get Passwordless connection working?


Similar to "no connections enabled for the client" error when only "email" connection is enabled - #2 by tks. I was notified by the support team that the problem was due to an internal issue which has been resolved now.

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Thanks for sharing it with the rest of community!

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