I have enabled "Email" option under "Passwordless" sttill Auth0 asking for password during login

Hello, I have enabled “Email” option under “Passwordless” but still users are being asked for their passwords.


You are still being asked for a password, as both Regular Database and Email Passwordless connections are enabled for your application.

Then there are two options to make this work.

Using New Universal Login

You will need to enable the Identifier First under the Authentication Profile.

Passwordless with New Universal Login > Enable Identifier First

You will also need to pass the &connection=email query parameter to the /authorize endpoint. Please see the following instructions:

Passwordless with New Universal Login > Update your application

Using Classic Universal Login

In order to switch to Classic Experience, please go to Branding > Universal Login > Advanced Options > click the Login tab

Enable the Customize Login Page toggle and apply the Lock (Passwordless) template:

Screenshot 2023-03-04 at 16.26.39

I hope this helps!

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