Is switching to passwordless in the future possible, setting up email+password login in the present?


currently in the present we will setup email + password auth to fulfill business needs.

Is it easily possible in the future to migrate / switch to passwordless authentification ?
What should be considered doing that?
What happens with the (old) passwords when we switch to passwordless ?

Would be very grateful for any answers / links to docs!

Hi @johan.eggers,

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Yes, switching to Passwordless Authentication is a straightforward process.

When making this change, you’ll need to consider whether you’re using the New Universal Login or the Classic Universal Login experience.

In the New Universal Login experience, you’ll only need to specify the connection=sms or connection=email query parameter in your login request to initiate a passwordless flow. Check out the guide at Passwordless with New Universal Login for more details.

For the Classic Universal Login experience, you’ll need to modify the Custom Login Page to use Auth0LockPasswordless. The implementation details are explained in Implement Passwordless Login in Universal Login.

Lastly, if you transition from a regular database connection to Passwordless, the old passwords will remain intact, as a user profile is created for each connection type. This means there will be a profile for their database connection and another for their passwordless connection.

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Hi @rueben.tiow ,

thanks for the quick helpful response!

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When doing the switch to passwordless, is there the need to create the profiles for their passwordless connection manually for the existing users ? Or are they automatically created ?

Hi @johan.eggers,

Thanks for the reply.

The user’s profiles are created automatically when they login for the first time. You will not need to manually create them.

It may also be worth considering using User Account Linking to consolidate their accounts as one.


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