Migrating Users from Passwordless Email Login to Email and Password Login Across Two Web Applications

Hello Community,

I am looking to migrate my users who currently access my application current-page using passwordless email login to a new application new-webpage where they will log in using an email and password.

Current Setup:

  • current-page: Users log in with passwordless email (one-time code sent to their email).
  • Auth0 is configured and managing the passwordless authentication for current-page.


  • Allow users from current-page to access new-webpage using an email and password for login.
  • Both applications should share the same user database to ensure a seamless migration and user experience.

Example Scenario:

  1. User logs into current-page with passwordless email.
  2. User should then be able to log into new-webpage using the same email but with a newly set password.


  1. Is it possible to migrate users from passwordless email login to email and password login within the same Auth0 tenant?
  2. What is the best approach to handle this transition while ensuring a smooth user experience?
  3. Are there any best practices or recommended steps to follow for setting this up?

Any guidance, documentation, or examples would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Best regards,

Hi @mseisdedos

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Thank you for posting your question, based on your description, I think that the best option would be to use an account linking.

  • You will need to create this new application within the same tenant and enable database connection for it.
  • By using one of the option you would link passwordless user account with database authentication. → User Account Linking

This way you users will have the same identity profile and will login to the current-page with passwordless and to the new-webpage with email+password.


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