New Universal Login with passwordless-email and database connection


is it possible to somehow configure passwordless for New Universal Login(NUL) together with database connection without need to explicitely add connection parameter to authorize api? I am aware of doc Passwordless with New Universal Login so I configured everything accoding to it.

When I enabled passwordless-email and database for web app and change Authentication Profile to Identifier first I had these expectations to the flow:

  • User put email address
  • Click to the button login
  • If primary indetity provider is database than password field will be shown
  • If primary indetity provider is email than email with OTP will be sent and input field for the code will be shown

For some reason Auth0 prefers passwordless flow when both database and passwordless are enabled.

Am I missing something or is it not yet supported because it is early access feature? For example combination database and ADFS works well.



Yes, please add this! +1

That was my expectation when I enabled Identifier first.

Is there any update on this? I’m trying to do the same thing.