Passwordless Magic Link Not Working on New Tenant


We recently created a new tenant to separate our internal users from our external users. Passwordless magic links work perfectly on the previous tenant, but are not working with our new tenant. The link will send but upon opening it redirects to an error page that says:

The link must be opened on the same device and browser from which you submitted your email address

I am opening the link on the same browser and it works fine with the old tenant. I have meticulously compared every difference between the old and new tenants and the only ones I have been able to find are 1) we use an action instead of a rule on the new tenant, and 2) the new tenant uses Node16 for it’s runtime as opposed to Node12 on the previous tenant.

I saw another thread where someone was able to fix this issue by going to their application > advanced > grant types and enabling passwordless OTP, however, on our application that option is disabled. Any help resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @ryan.madsen, initially I misunderstood your message. This topic is being currently covered here. Let’s discuss it there. Thanks!

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