Magic Links in Universal Login Timeline

Feature: Magic Link Support in Universal Login Timeline

Description: We have been working on an implementation of Auth0 using both enterprise logins and passwordless logins. Our intent was to use a single tenant for both with the identifier first authentication profile, then using home realm discovery to determine which connection should be used. However, at the current time, only OTP is supported for passwordless logins with universal login & home realm discovery. We can use two tenants, but it’s tedious and requires a workaround like this A workaround to configure Passwordless Lock with an enterprise connection. ( or in our backend given that this workaround relies on the front end having knowledge ahead of time of the domains used by our enterprise tenant. For this reason I am wondering when (if ever) passwordless magic links are expected to move into the universal login flow.

Use-case: We are build a single page application that will allow magic link signups as well as enterprise logins to ease the onboarding process.

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Surely this is already in your roadmap, no? Is there a timeline for it