New organizaitons features should not be enterprise only?

It feels like a weird limitation?

We are paying a substantial amount of money for developer PRO licenses, and contribute to the community. Why are we not allowed to try out and use the organizations features?

Please auth0…

Hey there!

Let me reach out to appropriate product managers to find out more about it!

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I just got a response that you should feel free to give Organizations a try on your dev pro tenants. If you are planning to have production usage, however, the feature is currently only supported on Enterprise and Startup plans. We are constantly evaluating our plans and will keep this feedback in mind for future iterations.

Does this mean all dev pro tenants can try the organization feature?

Would be the main reason for us to switch some of out tenants to dev pro.

Hey there!

For now yes!

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Hi @alexab - FYI we recently released new subscription plans and Organizations is now available for production usage (with some limitations) on the B2B plans: Pricing - Auth0


Thanks for following up on that Adam!