Organizations feature missing lots of functionalities

Feature: Organizations

Description: If I use organizations feature then I have to use the “New Universal Login” experience because Organizations are not supported in “Classic Universal Login”. On the other hand, if I use “New Universal Login” I cannot customize my LOGIN form to hide or the override the “forgot password” link. That is too bad.

Use-case: We have a custom database with thousands of users, we have several organizations, and on each org, the user can be uniquely identified by his username, but the email can be shared by multiple users under the same org. So, since, you don’t fully support usernames either, then I though, let’s remove the “forgot password” link and let’s handle the password resets in our end. But that is not possible because we cannot customize the login form just because of being using organizations feature.

Hey there!

Thank you for creating this feedback card and providing all that context. It’s super helpful! I’m gonna relay that to our product team but also let’s see if there are other community members who will also advocate for that!