Organization with custom login template

Hello Friends, I am experimenting with Organization flow and it is really good but I am facing one issue and I hope you guys would be able to help.

When I am enabling the custom login template flag the organization prompt is not showing up. But when I am switching off the custom login template flag it is showing up fine.

We need a custom login template along with an Organization prompt is there any way to achieve this?

Any help on this would be really wonderful.

@konrad.sopala and @adam.housman any suggestions?

Hi @vignesh.jeyaraman ,

Thank you for posting this query on Auth0 Community!

I did some research around this topic. In the current design, the feature of supporting organization prompt for Classic Universal Login is not available. I suggest you communicate directly to our product team using our feedback page and click on the Vote button.

On the other hand, the New Universal Login supports customization if it could fit in your use case. This doc has the details. Hope this helps!