How to remove organizations feature?

How do you remove the organizations feature from a tenant?

We enabled it before spotting the distinct call-back URLs limitation which means we need to use multiple tenants. But now the primary tenant is stuck in organizations mode and we’ve had to move our users across to be members of an organisation, otherwise no-one can login.

It also let us set-up organizations on a Free plan - which seems counter-intuitive.

Hi @adoherty,

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You should be able to delete all of our Organizations configured on your Dashboard, which should disable the Organizations feature entirely.

Let me also clarify that the Trial subscription plan allows you to have access to paid features for 21 days. After that, your trial plan gets converted to a Free subscription plan which will limit your ability to use paid features.

In this case, I believe you may have been able to create an Organization using a Trial tenant.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


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It’s not a trial tenant - it’s a free tenant (Production Environment) which hasn’t been upgraded yet, but is out of the initial trial period. The “Organizations” menu page says " Want to use this feature in production? [Upgrade Plan →]" but still lets you create Organizations and try and use them.

We’ll try deleting the “placeholder” organization we created during out of hours maintenance.

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Hi @adoherty,

At the time, your trial period was from 7/26/2023 - 8/17/2023, meaning that you were still on Trial.

Let me also clarify that you are still allowed to create new Organizations even while your Trial period has ended. We currently do not have hard limits that restrict our customers on these features.

I hope this helps!