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First of all - congratulations to the Auth0 team on a fantastic new feature in Auth0 “Organizations”. Such a big need for SaaS Platforms of today, and really pleased to see the simple, convenient & developer friendly implementation provided by Auth0.

I am keen on leveraging this feature (and thereby Auth0) for the platform we’re building at our company. This would mean moving away from current legacy AuthN/AuthZ system.

As part of due diligence on evaluation, I am keen on understanding what Scalability benchmarks have been established around Organizations feature. Specifically, # of Orgs per tenant. Any known specific limits there, and upto what scale has it been tested.

Any visibility into this would be much helpful.


Forgot to mention, our usecase requirement deems 1000s of organizations as low scale. We anticipate Orgs in the order of 100K and likely will run into late 100s of thousands at full scale.

I asked the same question in a sales meeting with them. If you look at the low limits on their pricing plans, it’s in the 100s. I think Organizations are more intended for a B2B model (partnerships) and not B2C (customer groups)

Hi @angadsalaria, thanks for your feedback that means a lot to the team :wink:

Our current entity limits are found here → Entity Limit Policy

Self-service plans have lower limits on number of organizations as shown here → Pricing - Auth0

In the near future, we plan to enable increases to this limit for Enterprise customers.

Perfect. Thanks Adam. That works for me.

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