B2B - Organization Limitation


I’m looking to build a B2B solution using organizations, where each organization within Auth0 maps to a client. Users can belong to a single organization, with the exception of administrator accounts. My proof of concept is working, however, the limitation of 50 organizations is concerning due to the fact that we already have around 30 clients so would be quite close to the ceiling limit from day one.

Are there any ways of increasing just this limitation on a pay-as-you-go basis, or architectural designs that would allow us to avoid having to jump from Essentials to Professional? The price increase of $650(!!) per month is severely prohibitive, if not unaffordable, and would give us a lot of functionality that we just don’t need?


Hi @chrisbarton126

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Thank you for posting your question. Regarding the self-service tiers, there’s no option to provide pay-as-you-go within organization limits. However, I suggest contacting our sales team regarding a custom solution that fits your needs.


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