New major versions for auth0-angular, auth0-react and auth0-vue released in GA!

:loudspeaker: We are happy to announce a new major of our Single Page Application framework-specific SDKs for Angular, React and Vue. :loudspeaker:

With these versions, we bring the significant changes made to Auth0-SPA-JS to all the framework specific SDKs that leverage Auth0-SPA-JS under the hood. All the changes that are shared between all of these SDKs can be found on the community announcement for Auth0-SPA-JS v2.
On top of that, we have also taken the opportunity to make a couple of SDK specific changes:Auth0-Angular specific:

  • getUser and getIdTokenClaims are removed
  • Ensure logout returns an Observable instead of a Promise

Auth0-React specific:

  • Removal of claimCheck on withAuthenticationRequired

When upgrading your application to use v2 of any of the above mentioned framework-specific SDKs, be sure to review corresponding migration guides thoroughly to understand the changes required to migrate your application.We welcome your feedback and reports on any issues you encounter when trying out these new versions.
Should you have any feedback or questions about the SDK, please raise an issue via the correspondig GitHub repositories.Resources