New React SDK Beta Available!

Fantastic news, we have a new open beta SDK for React applications!

This new SDK provides a of hook and higher-order components to make integration into your React application easier, such as useAuth0 for performing authentication, withAuthenticationRequired for protecting routes and withAuth0 as an alternative to the hook for use with class components.

We have created this new React SDK in order to improve the developer experience when integrating Auth0. This SDK makes it easier to integrate Universal Login into React applications, requires fewer lines of code and takes care of common tasks developers have been previously burdened with, such as safely storing and renewing tokens.

When you get a chance check out our new React SDK Beta Category and join in on the beta fun as you build your next non-production app with this! We would love your feedback!



Let us know if you have any questions!

Had a quick looks, seems great but could you perhaps highlight what are the differences compared to the existing auth0-spa-js solution that we’ve been using with React?

Thank you :smile:

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Great question!

This SDK is built on top of auth0-spa-js. The intention here is to abstract away some of the complexity of integrating auth0-spa-js with a React app. This SDK provides a solution for integrating with Auth0 that feels native to React. Specifically, it provides an Auth0 hook, functional and class component support, Typescript support, resulting in a generally easier and more efficient experience for React developers and projects.

Hope this helps!